Why Cruises Offer The Perfect Traveling Means To Caribbean Islands

There are several islands in the Caribbean region that you should possibly consider visiting when you are planning your next vacation. You indeed want to feel the amazing and relaxing feeling that you have been missing in most tourist destinations. What if there was a way to experience the Caribbean region without taking multiple trips and vacations each year?  An ideal option would be to utilize a cruise line that has multiple stops at different Caribbean islands.  This ensures that you get to experience a bit of each island’s culture, making it an even memorable adventure.  It  wise to create your top must-see islands to ensure that the cruise that you choose has a port of call at these destinations.


Why cruising is preferred over a traditional vacation?

Enables one to visit many destinations

It makes it very easy for a person to travel to most of the Caribbean islands. One can easily pack everything needed for the trip while some of the requirements can be bought or obtained inside the cruise ship. It does not demand for one to stop at different destinations to get hotel and pub services as well as other belongings. When a person opts for planes, buses or cars, it will be necessary for them to organize for a place to stay and eat. A person who chooses cruising not only gets transportation, but also a mobile well maintained hotel moving with them.

Makes one to understand the suitable destinations

How would you to spend your hard earned cash on some overrated destination? It is very annoying when one realizes that not all that had been stated about a particular destination was true. With the coming of the internet, tourist site marketing has improved with qualified staff writing good articles about a place. Some of the attractive features described may not be as enticing as you had yearned for. With this means, you will be able to visit several islands on a single trip. It will be very wise for the first timers to this region to use it as a framework that will enable them understand the viable future destinations. Not all terminals have the same facilities. It is good for you to first have a clear knowledge, even if it’s just for some 4 hours, which will help you gauge the destination that has your taste. It’s after this that you will plan to visit a single site for a longer time.

Most of cruise companies compete for this region including the Royal Caribbean, p & O and other celebrity cruises. They make frequent pilgrimages to this side of the world throughout the whole year. This assures one of all season travel and also cheaper costs. Off course you would expect stiff competition to lower the expenses and increase quality service provision.

Depending on your choice of route, it is still vital for you to have some basic information of where you will be heading to. Yes there are good services for you to enjoy on board, but you will need to utilize some of the resources at every point you stop for breaks. It thus makes it very important to understand some of the best islands in the region

St. Thomas

It is located in the virgin island region. Here, you can easily access the perfect place for snorkeling found at the Cinnamon Bay National Park. It is made possible by the shallow waters at this place thus easy to observe the underwater creatures peacefully leaving underwater.

St. Croix

Also found in the Virgin Islands on the eastern part of the Caribbean. Historians will find it viable to visit the site where Christopher Columbus landed. For those who like sports, kayaking will excite break here.


A stop over here will allow you to visit the resting place of the famous Reggae musician, Bob Marley, together with doing some little shopping in the nearby markets. Bamboo rafting is another enticing sport many people like this place.


If you want to see the largest shipwreck in this region, then this is the place you must stop at. In addition, you will be able to see numerous underwater volcanoes, and the pretty tropical fish.


A small island located in the Dutch island, but has more than 360 beaches. On one can struggle to find the suitable one for relaxing. Most people consider it as to be the paradise island of the Caribbean.

Finally, plan well for your long trip and choose a transport means that will make you feel most of the Caribbean sites. It has many experiences to offer but only if you avail yourself at the right destinations. Cruises have the power to fulfill all your wishes by making you fully appreciate the attractiveness of this region. Hope you find it a superb option to the numerous Caribbean islands.

Why rent a luxury villa on the island of Nevis?

nevis-villaMost people who visit the lovely of islands of St. Kitts and Nevis have heard about villas but never bother to pursue this accommodation because of lack of knowledge. Hotels are always advertised extensively and are easier to book. Most people know how to book a hotel, check in and go to restaurants and surrounding activities with ease but assume that it is more complicated to do for a Villa. Not to mention, that most travelers assume that villas are ridiculously expensive! This could not be further from the truth especially when it comes to booking a luxury vacation. Although high scale luxury villas can be quite pricey, there are many villas on the island Nevis that are affordable or even cheaper than the some island resorts.

Here is a short list of why renting a luxury villa is the best Nevisian experience you will ever have.

Privacy – Ditch the crowds of the islands hotels and resorts and consider the private, intimate and relaxing atmosphere offered by nevis villa rentals. These villas are spacious, cozy, and comfortably furnished. Most are located on beautiful and secluded landscaped plots with most overlooking the Caribbean Sea or under the shadow of the majestic mountain and hills. If you rather not visit the beach, many come equipped with private pools and hot tubs. Too hot or humid to venture out? Most villas come equipped with air conditioning or ceiling fans.

Group/Family Travel – Many villas are built with 4 or more bedrooms making it a perfect choice for a family vacation or couples getaway. For travelers that are looking for that group experience, renting a large villa with many bedrooms is your perfect choice. Many of these bedrooms come with an ensuite bathroom. No more waiting to use the bathroom!


Personal Attention and Hospitality – During high season, the larger hotels and resorts are usually crowded and busy. Although the hotel staff makes great effort to serve everyone, the attention you many receive may be minimal at times. Generally you are on your own most times and sometimes may have to wait to be served. With a luxury villa rental, that is never a problem. Most villas come fully staffed with a housekeeper, cook, and gardener. Most of the staff would have been working at the villas for years and are a huge part of the villa experience. Many guests return to the same villa each year because of their attachment to the friendly staff and the attention that they receive on their stay.
Cuisine on Demand – Most villas are built with state of the art gourmet kitchens, perfect for guests who love to cook! But for those that wish to be catered to, the luxury villas on the island come staffed with a personal cook. Some of the island’s best cooks can be found in the villas. They can whip up a scrumptious Nevisian specialties or your favorites at a moments notice. You have the option to plan out your meals on your arrival or leave it up to them to surprise you with amazing culinary delights each day. The food is so good, you may not even want to venture out to a restaurant! Imagine not having to call in reservations, or the long waits with it costing a fraction of what you would pay at an upscale restaurant.

Are you ready to try the Nevis villa experience? The first step would be to find and book your luxury villa. This can be done on many specialty sites such as Tripadvisor, Flipkey or Homeaway. I personally prefer to deal with a local Nevis Real Estate agents. This is the more ideal option as these agents would know the island better can advise you which properties are more tailored to your needs.

Once you have found your dream villa rental, arrange for payment. Some villa owners require full payment whereas others require at least a 50% deposit up front and the balance due within the week of arrivial. Once that is completed, all that’s left is to pack and be on your way to the best vacation of your life!

What you may need to know as you travel to Nevis

nevis-photo-2Nevis, one of the remaining truly-natural places on earth, is a conical shaped island in the Caribbean Sea. Besides being a virgin island, there is a lot that makes the island unique and worth visiting. For instance, the island prides itself of unmatched indigenous flora and fauna.

The locals have done their best to preserve the island’s natural heritage. Each year, about 40,000 tourists from all over the world visit Nevis. Most of these tourists are nature enthusiasts. In the sea, whales cruise; while in the hills, rare green monkey species chatter. The rich natural flora also attracts ordinary tourists and botanists.

Nevis, casually referred to as the Queen of Caribees, is approximately 7 miles long and 5 miles wide. Within its perimeter, there is a population of 10,000 residents. These residents are well known for their unrivalled hospitality. They understand that tourism is their major source of income. That being the case, they treat tourists in a friendly and helpful manner. Their unspoken charm communicates “you are most welcome’’, “you can be my guest”. Nevis is truly special. If you are looking forward to meet and specialize with people of a different culture, this is the place to be. You will rarely be disappointed.

The major source of revenue for Nevis is tourism. The authorities are currently making huge efforts to provide first-rate tourism packages. Currently, there is one five-star hotel, The Four Season Resort Nevis. There are 4 plantation inns that are fully operational. Additionally, the island boasts of several smaller hotels whose cuisine is exceptional. Larger developments along the coast are also undergoing.

The approximately 36-square mile Nevis Island is divided into five administration units, called parishes. Each of the parishes has an elected representative who represents it in the Nevis Island Assembly. It is also important to note that each parish takes the shape of a slice; it extends from the highest point of the island to the coastline. Amazingly, each of the parishes has double names. For instance, Saint James Windward. The first part of the name refers to the parish’s patron saint while the second part refers to the traditional common name of the administrative zone. Besides Saint James Windward, other parishes include Saint George Gingerland, Saint Thomas Lowland, Saint Paul Charlestown, and Saint John Figtree.

For nature lovers, Nevis is the place to be. In additional to seeing all that mother nature has to offer, you will also have the privilege of witnessing cultural festivities like a May pole dance, cowboys and Indians, the Moko jumbies on stilts, and the popular masquearade ceremony.

For more information on Nevis, visit Explore Nevis.  It is an online travel site that lists the best to do and see and in Nevis.

Vacation Homes in Eleuthera Bahamas

Ever heard of islands in the Bahamas?  Eleuthera is one tempting island perfect for any vacation, family vacations, getaways and romantic vacations all accommodated at Eleuthera Bahamas. It is a magnificent thin stripped island in the Bahamas.

Known for its beautiful and magnificent beaches.The islands beaches have often been rated as the sexiest beaches on the Atlantic. Just imagine stepping on beautiful soft pink sand on the beach! Its turquoise and blue water shores, impeccable ascending cliff vistas, ancient coral reefs, and the fresh Caribbean air makes it the perfect destination!

There is much to do in Eleuthera. Due its adventurous nature, a visit to the great preachers cave will surely bring out an amazing historic revelation to you as a vacationer. Eleuthera island is also a hotspot for water activities like deep sea fishing and diving activities. You can choose to have fun in the outstanding pink sand on the beach. With the hospitable loving Bahamian community, a soothing soulful night with the Bahamian soul music bands is just perfect on that romantic get away. Otherwise, if you love cool and calm scenery you can opt to take a sneek peek at the unique glass window where you get to see an extraordinary contrast between the dark blue Atlantic ocean stirring away and the calm blue waters of the Caribbean sea.

While planning your Eleuthera vacation, your biggest concern will probably be you accommodations. You need not to worry about the scarcity of hotels, lack of privacy and ridiculous prices some hotels and beach resorts charge for accommodation. Opt for a vacation home, where you can enjoy serene surroundings whenever you like. Eleuthera villa rentals range from basic to thrilling homes. They are very beautiful and well maintained. Not forgetting the fact that you can get affordable homes for your vacations. It all depends with what you want, how you want it and how much you want to spend. The vacation homes are easy accessible owing to the pretty accessible and traffic free roads in the Bahamas.


Owing a vacation home in Eleuthera Bahamas will make you have real experience of the Bahamian culture and lifestyle with the Bahamanian community. I can vouch for a vacation home in Eleuthera for many reasons. One, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs since you can also rent them out to other visitors on holiday while you are out. It is actually an investment. Secondly, you get to enjoy the cool breeze at your convenience. For private romance i needn’t say much it all speaks for itself. A vacation home can be a wonderful luxury providing a place to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of life and to building and creating treasured memories with family and friends. If you are making plans to visit the bahamas make a point of looking up through the available Eleuthera vacations homes and make your preffered choice to get a vacation experience like no other.

Why Should You Obtain a Second Passport from St. Kitts and Nevis?

One of the smallest sovereign states in the world is the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. This beautiful tropical paradise is located in the Leeward Islands of the West Indies. Although both islands maintain certain independent regulations, the federation unites St. Kitts and Nevis to form one government. Even though these islands are underdeveloped when measured through the Caribbean standards, hotel and resort development is on the rise, catapulting their status as one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in the world. Both St. Kitts and Nevis have international airports, making transportation a lot easier.


St. Kitts and Nevis are participating members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the British Commonwealth of Nations, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. With these affiliations, the islands are now experiencing economic growth as well as booming tourism and infrastructure. Exotic wooden cottages on the beach, traditional plantation-style homes, golf courses, marinas, and modern condominiums are now blossoming along the primes bays and beaches of the islands.

The lure of the island life— waking up to a tropical paradise against the backdrop of pristine ocean waters and gorgeous beaches is hard to resist. That is why, many people are now opting to acquire a second passport from St. Kitts and Nevis. Through the country’s economic citizenship through the purchase of nevis real estate or st kitts real estate or a donation to the country’s SIDF fund many people are now enjoying the benefits enjoyed by the citizens of the country. The principal advantages of owning a second passport include:

  • Open International Doors
    Having a second passport opens up the door for more international options. Some countries restrict foreigners from opening a foreign financial account and owning assets. Opening a foreign financial account or doing business is under very difficult circumstances because of the growing file of regulations and restrictions to foreigners. These regulations are often a form of capital control against foreigners that will most likely turn into blatant capital controls in the future. Obtaining a second passport will allow you access to a number of financial and business opportunities as well in making real estate purchases.


  • Visa-Free Travel
    Owning a second passport is tantamount to obtaining St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship, therefore you can travel in and out of the country as frequent as you want without having to apply for a visa. Often, applying for a visa before the trip is time consuming, costly, and sometimes, frustrating. With a second passport, you only need to purchase your airline tickets, allowing you to conduct your business trips conveniently.


  • Dual Citizenship
    If you are granted a St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship, you do not need to renounce your previous citizenship because dual citizenship is allowed. This means that you will have the right to reside in Saint-Kitts and Nevis any time, and for as long as you want. If you decide to relocate and live permanently in this nation, you will not be liable for any taxation as there are no direct taxes imposed on this British Commonwealth Nations. Moreover, owning a second passport makes you a citizen St. Kitts and Nevis, therefore, you are also given certain privileges in the United Kingdom and in other countries of the British Commonwealth.

More and more people are now applying for St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship because of the high rate of approval for upstanding citizens. In just six months, the process for your citizenship is completed. In no time, you will have a second passport that will open unique opportunities through the citizen’s investment program. You and your family will enjoy irrevocable citizenship and will have the unprecedented opportunity to live in an economically, socially, and legally stable nation.


All about hotels in Dubai


Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates nation, it is a Muslim nation, and thus many hotels in Dubai do follow the rules of a Muslim country. Dubai is known for its tourism site and for traders.
A hotel in Dubai ranges from five star hotels to bed and breakfast hotels. Dubai also has the some of the best international and well-known hotels. Dubai has hotels that are beach hotels, others are found in the desert and in the major international airports also known as transit hotels, some of the hotels in Dubai have a shape of boat sail and Dubai has an underwater hotel. Not forgetting that the major shopping center is also hub for beautiful hotels.

The hotels in Dubai offer either single rooms, double rooms, suite rooms, family rooms, junior suites rooms, efficiency rooms, interconnecting rooms, pent house suite and suites.

Facilities of a hotel in Dubai.

Hotels in Dubai offer different kind of facilities but it all matter the kind of hotel that it is, for a five star or a luxury hotel many facilities are available for free, and they are to be used by those who are staying in the hotel. The facilities include, Health clubs, which include the art of class gym and their instructors, they have both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. They have their own private beach, childcare services and facilities for children just in case you want to have a quite time with your loved one.

Luxury hotels in Dubai are known to have Jacuzzi, massaging bathtubs. For safekeeping of your documents and personal things, the hotels in Dubai have safe. Ballrooms and casinos are also facilities that are found in Dubai hotels. They do offer in house drinks either soft drinks or alcohol and the meals are full board meaning from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

For the transit hotels in the airports there facilities are minimal and they have the same features like the bed and breakfast hotels which include, continental breakfasts, well spaced rooms with bathtubs and coffee and tea making machines and gyms for those who love exercising either before starting the day or sleeping, some may have swimming pools, most of the transit and bed and breakfast hotels are used by traders.

Hotels in Dubai offer conference services for those would like to use them; the conference services have the internet and video conference facilities, the conference facilities hold up to a certain number of people according to your agreement.

Most of hotels in Dubai are near the major shopping facilities and the beaches. It is good to do your booking in advance and to know if the hotels allow pets if you are planning to travel with one. They offer transfer from the airport to your hotel so you do not have to worry about the transport.

Most of the hotels in Dubai offer both local and international food and cuisines. Hotels in Dubai will always give you the most best and personalized treatment of the international standards.